Wednesday, August 15, 2007


This one changed a bit from the original drawing,
I tend to want to simplify shapes a lot when I'm painting.
Leaning a bit too hard on Sterling Hundley.


Francis Vallejo said...

Yo man looks real nice. I can see the Hundley influence, which isn't necesarrily a bad thing. I'm sure after you understand what makes his work appealing to you, you will infuse your own style and technique into the paintings and your own style will emmerge. If I may offer some suggestions...maybe some warm red or orange somewhere. Perhaps even go crazy and throw a bright orange onto the background. Also the large graphic mass under the character (which is great) could have a little detail maybe in the bottom right to offer some variety. Really enjoying the updates bro!!
take care,

Anonymous said...

I liked the initial drawing, wish it was more prevalent in the final piece. The composition is a bit top-heavy... a interesting hand gesture or something to that effect coming up from the bottom would have helped with that. The nose needs more warmth as well, imo. I can definitely see the Hundley-ness in the piece, but personally it doesn't bother me much. I liked where you were going with the hair and the upper background. Keep those brushes wet, man.

dave d'incau jr. said...

awesome sketch.