Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The big caboose update.


Charles K said...

Your black and white ink drawings are solid. They remind me a bit of Ashley Wood's carefree model studies, only more refined. You should try adding blocks of color washes and add some three dimensional detail to the nose, elbow, etc... just a suggestion.

Speaking of black and white drawings... you should check out www.scrapbookmanifesto.com if you haven't already. This guy does a lot more detailed stuff than what I've seen you enjoy doing... but who knows, maybe some aspects of his work will filter into you own.

As for the painting... I like the style you chose, but my eyes get a little lost around the elbow/upper torso area. The way you rendered the face and body is intriguing but I think it could use a little warmth, maybe an off orange or something close. If I were to submit this as a final piece...I would crop off the very bottom where the dress shifts. I find it a little distracting. All in all, good work!

I'll be moving close to the Richmond area in about a month and a half...you should throw an art jam and invite me along.

Anonymous said...

That Rilo Kiley flier is slick! I just wanna touch that booty. Is that bad?

Is it just a promo piece for yourself? Or something for the band? Either way I likes it.